Professor Shridhar R. Gadre

Professor of Physical Chemistry
Department of Chemistry, University of Pune
Pune-413 007 (INDIA)
Tel. 0091-020-25601728 (Extn. 2080)
Fax: 0091-020-5651728

Positons Held

University / Institute



University of Poona

March 1980 to 1985


University of Poona

Sept. 1985 to May 1988


University of Poona

May 1988 to Dec.1988

UGC Research Scientist -C
(UGC Professor)

University of Pune (Poona)

Dec. 1988 onwards


Academic Qualifcations


Institution/ University




B. Sc.

University of Poona


Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics

1st Rank, National Merit Scholarship

M. Sc.

University of Poona



1st Rank

Ph. D.

I. I. T., Kanpur



1st Rank*

* 1st Rank in the course work with 10.00 points in Chemistry

Field of specialization : Theoretical and Computational Quantum Chemistry.

Awards and Honours :

  1. "Young Scientist" Medal and Award in Chemical Science, of the Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi, 1982.
  2. "Young Associate" of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore, 1983
  3. Selected as an "INSA Research Fellow" ( 1988-1991 ).
  4. Selected as a "UGC Research Scientitst - C" equivalent to full Professorship (1988).
  5. Fellow of the Maharashtra Academy of Sciences (1989).
  6. Selected as a Fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore (1990).
  7. The team of Professor S. R. Gadre and co-workers was awarded the Second 100 MFLOP PARAM Award by Center for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), Pune (1991).
  8. Elected as a Life Member of The Agharkar Institute for the Cultivation of Science, Pune (1992).
  9. Awarded a Golden Jubilee Visiting Fellowship of the Department of Chemical Technology, Matunga, Mumbai (1993).
  10. Sir Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize in Chemical Sciences (1993).
  11. Awarded the Prin. V. K. Joag prize for excellence in teaching and research, University of Pune (1994).
  12. Honorary Senior Fellow of the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre, Bangalore (1994).
  13. Selected as a Fellow of the Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi (1995).
  14. Delivered a Platinum Jubilee lecture at the Indian Science Congress, Pune, January 2000.

Other Distinctions :


Serving / Served on the :

Invited Lectures / Seminars delivered :

[ A Summary of some selected seminars/invited lectures etc. delivered during the last ten years ].

  1. An invited lecture delivered at the International workshop - cum - symposium "Aspects of Many-body Effects in Molecules and Extended Systems" held in Calcutta - Feb. 1988.
  2. Delivered an invited lecture at the International workshop on Density Matrices held at Coimbra, Protugal - June 1988.
  3. "Bounds and their applications to Quantum Chemistry" at the Silver Jubilee Symposium, I.I.T. Bombay - Dec. 1988.
  4. An invited lecture in "Discussion Meeting on the Electronic Structure Theory of Molecules", Bangalore - Nov. 1989.
  5. Invited talk at the "Workshop on High Performance Computing" held at C-DAC, Pune - March 1990.
  6. "Molecular Electrostatic Potentials" and "Information Entropies" at the University of Pisa and University of Milano, Italy - May 1991.
  7. "Inequalities in Quantum Chemistry" at University of Bochum, Germany - May 1991.
  8. "Molecular Electrostatic Potentials" at University of Barcelona, Spain - June 1991.
  9. "Molecular Electrostatic Potentials" at University of Hannover, Germany - Oct. 1991.
  10. "Inequalities, Electron Repulsion Integrals, Electrostatic Potentials" at University of Stuttgart and University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany - Nov. 1991.
  11. "Molecular Electrostatics" delivered at the Physical Chemistry Division, NCL, Pune - Oct. 1992.
  12. "Our Experiences on Parallelization of Quantum Chemistry Programs" delivered at the Annual Meeting of Atomic and Molecular Physics, BARC, Bombay - Dec. 1992.
  13. "Topography of Molecular Electrostatic Potential" Golden Jubilee lecture at University Department of Chemical Technology, Bombay-October 1993.
  14. "Chemical Applications of Molecular Electrostatics" at Hindustan Lever Research Center, Bombay-January 1994.
  15. "Molecular Recognition via Electrostatic Potential Topography" in the National Seminar on Molecular Structure and Dynamics, I. I.T. Madras - April 1996.
  16. Delivered invited talks at the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Hull, Jackson and IVIC, Caracus, October- December 1998.
  17. Participated in the meeting honoring Professor Robert. G. Parr on his seventy seventh birthday, research triangle park, NC, USA and delivered a talk on "Weak Inter-molecular interactions", October 1998.
  18. Visited Nagoya, Kyoto, Tokyo, Tohoku Universities and the Muroran Institute of technology and delivered invited talks, December 2000.
  19. "Electrostatics of Atoms and Molecules" delivered as Jagdish Memorial Lecture at I. I. C. T., Hyderabad, February 2001.
  20. Delivered an invited talk at the annual meeting of the Chemical Research Society of India, Chandigarh, January 2001.
  21. "Electrostatics for unearthing patterns in weak intermolecular interactions", an invited talk at the Indo- French workshop on weak intermolecular interactions, Hyderabad, February 2001.


(A) Details of volumes edited / chapters contributed :

  1. An invited Article in the Advances in Quantum Chemistry, Vol. 22, Ed. P. - O. Löwdin, Academic Press, New York (1991).
  2. Edited a Special Issue on Theoretical Models for Molecular Structure, Properties and Dynamics, Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore (1994).


(B) Conferences organised :

  1. Organized the fourth Academy Discussion Meeting in Theoretical Chemistry at the University of Pune, January 1995.
  2. Organized the International Conference on Computer in Chemical Research and Education (XII ICCCRE ) at the University of Pune, Jan. 5-9, 1998.


(C) Book written :

Electrostatics of Atoms and molecules , S.R. Gadre and R.N. Shirsat, an educational monograph published by the Universities Press, Hyderabad (2000).


Courses Taught : Quantum Chemistry, Molecular Structure, Phase Rule and Statistical Thermodynamics, Numerical Analysis, Programming in FORTRAN and BASIC.


Extension :

  1. Co-ordinator, CLASS project (1984-1989)
  2. Co-ordinator, School of Scientific Computing, University of Poona. (1994 onwards)
  3. Co-ordinated and served as a Resource Person in several Refresher courses .


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