Theoretical Chemistry Group Members

Professor Shridhar R. Gadre

Interests: Information Entropy, Rigorous mathematical inequalities, Electron density in momentum space, Atomic and molecular electronic structure calculations, Study of weak intermolecular interactions, Molecular scalar fields (molecular electrostatic potential (MESP), molecular electron density (MED)), Software development and Parallel computing, Molecular Hydration, Molecular Clusters, Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship (QSAR)

Professor Shridhar P. Gejji

Interests: Ion Transport in Solid Polymer Electrolytes, High Energy Molecules. Click here for more details and Publications

Present Members Ph.D. and or Research Associates

P. Balanarayan

Interests: Topography of 3D molecular scalar fields, Information Entropies

Dr. Milind Deshmukh (Now at HBCSE, Mumbai)

Interests: QSAR, weak intermolecular Interactions

Dr. V. Ganesh

Interests: New Techniques to study large molecular systems and their property calculation, Visualization and Quantum Computing

Jovan Jose

Interests: Structure, Energetics and Properties of Atomic & Molecular Clusters

Anuja P. Rahalkar

Interests: Quantum chemical study of molecular interactions

Subodh S. Khire

Interests: Ab initio calculations for Large molecule

Sachin D.Yeole

Interests: structure and energetics of clusters

Past Members Ph.D. and or Research Associates

Professor Rajeev K. Pathak (Department of Physics, University of Pune, Pune India)
Professor Shridhar P. Gejji (Department of Chemistry, University of Pune)
Dr. Rajeev Bendale
Dr. Subhas Chakrvorty
Dr. Sudhir A. Kulkarni (Vlife Sciences, Pune, India)
Dr. Indira Shrivastava (Department of Computational Biology, University of Pittsburgh)
Dr. Rajendra N. Shirsat (Department of Chemistry, Goa University, Goa, India)
Dr. Ajay C. Limaye (Australian National University, Canberra)
Dr. Savita S. Pundlik
Dr. C. H. Suresh (NIIST, Trivendrum, India)
Dr. Subhash S. Pingale (Department of Chemistry, University of Pune, Pune, India)

Dr. K. Babu (Australian National University)

Dr. Anant D. Kulkarni (Now at University of Pittsburgh)

Project Assistants
A. Taspa
Sangita Dattawadkar
Prabha Inamdar
Kamalakar B. Jadhav
Kamini Bhangale
Nikhil Gokhale
Vishal Barge
Anagha Phatak
Kiran Kakulte
Abhay Choudhary
Rameshwar Dongare
Sidhu S. Kshetri
Ritwik Kavathekar
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