Specific fields of Reserch : Biochemistry

Genetic Engineering :
DNA sequencing by M 13 cloning and sequencing system, Development of a prenatal diagnostic
procedure for sickle cell anaemia and thalasemia using restriction endo-nuclease polymorphism
and PCR, Mutation characterisation and typing of retinitis pigmentosa in Indian population using
Applied and basic Enzymology :
Immobilized enzyme systems, Affinity chromatography
Fundamental Studies :
Newer methods of separation of polysaccharides like starch agar and thir applications for gel
filtration, ion exchange chromatography and electrophoresis, Enhancing the process of seed
Biochemical aspects of plant lectines and glycosidoses
Biosensors :
Fabrication of enzyme based biosensors for applications in biomedicine and environmental
Drug resistance and Microbial Metabolism
Toxicological Studies of Xenobiotics and Environmental Pollutants and their metabolism
Study in antioxidant enzymes
Studies on non-conventional sources of food