Specific Fields of Research : Physical Chemistry


Theoretical Chemistry : (Click to visit Theoretical Chemistry Group)
Investigation of electron density in co-ordinate and momentum spaces; rigorous bounds and models for atomic and molecular properties. Molecular reactivity, Parallel Computing, Weak intermolecular interactions, Molecular Hydration, Molecular Clusters, Molecular Visualization etc.

Chemical Kinetics :
Kinetics and mechanism of fast organic, inorganic and biochemical reactions; Solvent effects

Nuclear and Radiation Chemistry :
Color center formation, their transformation with a use for storage of data in the optical computers, luminescence studies, radiation decomposition of oxyanions and
of resins with use in ardioactive waste, neutron activation analysis, Tracer techniques of study of the phenomenon of diffusion, Synthesis of nano-size metals

Spectroscopy :
Excited state dipole moments from electronic spectra, use of IR integrated intensity to study association; fabrication of C1 NQR spectrometer

Solid State Materials :
Molecular Metals for use in high energy density batteries, solar cells, semi-conductor devices, temperature sensors, photo-imaging processes etc.

Molecular Structure

Dipole Moments