Specific Fields of Research : Inorganic Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry

Reactions of Transition Metal Complexes :
Reactions of coordinated ligands , redistrbution reaction, preparation of compounds containing in unusual oxidation states
Organometallic Chemistry and Homogeneous Catalysis :
Synthesis of new series of organometallic compounds, homogeneous catalysis for carbonylation reactions
Solid State Materials and Heterogeneous Catalysis :
Synthesis of oxides and metal oxides such as -Fe2O3, doped -Fe2O3 , NiO, CoO, NiFe2O4, ZnFe2O4

Bioinorganic Chemistry & Bio-memetic Chemistry : (Click to visite Inorganic Chemistry Group)

Study of molecular mechanism of water oxidation in plant photo-synthesis, ionophores for sequential transport of alkali and alkaline earth cations , implication of copper and zinc in inflammatory disorders, synthesis of metal complexes as therapeutic agents and DNA cleavages

Molecular Magnetism
Drug design for Cancer and Tropical diseases
Trace element medicine and chelation Therapy
Effluent Analysis and Remedial Measure
Analytical studies in Ayurvedic Medicines
Analytical applications of Biosensors